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Do you love to be outdoors and commune with our natural environment? Would you enjoy the ability to make striking photographs of these memories for the future? Our class on nature photography covers the skills and techniques required to enable you to capture photographic images of natural subjects in the world around us. Learn to make excellent images of living plants and flowers, animals and landscapes in this intermediate-level class. Class starts October 27 - register online.


Use your digital camera in manual mode with confidence and learn to take great pictures when you take our class Digital Photography for Beginners. You’ll be taking pictures in class to try out the suggestions given to you by instructor Carlos Austin, so you’ll get hands-on experience taking photographs with your instructor right there to answer your questions.

Former student Rickey Hall told us, “Carlos is very good about going to around to each student to make sure they understand the material he was covering.”

Another student, Wally Brooks wrote, “Carlos is inspirational when guiding students to create great images!”

Come find out for yourself why Carlos’s student rave about him! The next session of his class starts on October 6.


Instructor Brian Loflin teaches a variety of photography courses each semester at Informal Classes.

In my field we are now on the cusp of remarkable technological advances in photography, both in image capture and post processing in the computer. My goal is to get my students to learn that technology alone does not make great pictures. Cameras and computers are only tools in a larger arsenal. The main component is the gray matter between our ears. In order to make inspiring images I try to encourage students of all ages to step away from the “auto-everything” mode of technology and develop their acumen to control the camera in order to capture their vision.

Students in his upcoming class, Photography: Using Flash, will learn how to leverage the proper use of flash to improve the color, quality and impact of their images. Learn more about using your DSLR in manual mode in any of Brian’s classes - see the full list here. Using Flash starts September 13th. Register here!

Black and White Darkroom Photography is a new course this semester at Informal Classes.  Taught by photographer and new instructor Anthony Maddaloni, this class focuses on learning how to properly develop film and make prints from negatives using an enlarger. You will get hands-on experience in a darkroom, using traditional black-and-white film photography to make beautiful images from their negatives. Beginners welcome. Learn more on the course page and be sure to register! Class starts September 2nd.


Instructor Matt Valentine aims for all of his students to gain the confidence to set their cameras to “manual” and shoot anything after taking his class, Photography: Digital SLR.  With his guidance, you will get the most out of your interchangeable-lens digital camera and take your photography skills to the next level! But don’t just take our word for it. Previous student Susan Rieff told us, “This class was excellent!  It certainly exceeded my expectations.  I enjoyed Matt Valentine’s approach to teaching - very accessible, responded well to students of widely varying expertise.” Matt is a professional photographer and UT lecturer, ready to share his expertise and passion with you. His next class starts on September 2nd. Sign up on our website.


Do you have a digital camera and are comfortable with its controls, but want to make images with stunning impact? This course will explore the creative controls and the art that will allow you to take your photography to the next level. Explore the use of lenses for compositional creativity, understand how light and color affect the creative outcome, and get into advanced techniques, including shooting in RAW, High Dynamic Range Imaging and much more! Instructor Brian Loflin offers over a half dozen different courses at UT Informal Classes over the span of a year and his students rave about him. He has many students progress from one class to the next. One student wrote, “this class was excellent!  I learned so much!  I am excited about my photography again.” Another student told us, “Brian is extremely knowledgeable on all photographic topcs and very eager to share his knowledge with others.” Brian’s next Composition and Light course starts on June 3. Check out his instructor page for a list of all of his upcoming courses.


Learn to shoot better pictures and how to improve the ones that aren’t great to start with in Digital Photgraphy for Mac Users. Instructor Bob LeVitus (a.k.a. Dr. Mac of “iPhone for Dummies” fame) discusses getting the best picture you can on the camera you happen to have on you, be it your iPhone or iPad, point-and-shoot pocket camera, or digital single-lens reflex (DSLR). Then he teaches you all about managing and improving your digital photos with iPhoto (free) and other free and inexpensive tools for the Mac. Let this be the first step towards feeling confident when you have to re-touch your images! Class starts May 27.


If you’ve recently invested in a digital SLR camera, get the hang of using it in Carlos Austin’s beginning digital photography class! Photography: Digital Photography for Beginners will begin again on  starts up again on May 7th. Student Travis Young wrote that he “loved class! Carlos was enthusiastic and I learned so much! The class was what I envisioned and then more. There was great group discussion and our instructor was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and fun.” Come learn for yourself why Carlos’s students rave about him and his class!


Not only does instructor Todd Williams teach photography courses for Informal Class in Austin, he also travels regularly to Antigua, Guatemala and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to teach. He is currently preparing prints for book projects of images made during time he recently spent in Paris as well as prints from his trips to Mexico. His two courses for Informal Classes, Making the Experiential Photograph and Photography: Documentary, are both seminar-styled classes for those who well-understand photography fundamentals and want to develop a deeper capacity to make pictures that are more layered and complex, both emotionally and compositionally. This is the way that Todd composes his images, and you will learn how to do it, too. In his evaluation of the class, student Mike Farmer wrote, “Todd Williams offers the opportunity to consider ‘why’ to click the shutter.” Another student, Marilyn Vache, said that the class was, “inspiring, refreshing, challenging, and promoted inquiry.” Making the Experiential Photograph focuses on the creative process behind photography, as well as on analysis of relevant essays, photographs, and videos created by several of the medium’s best image-makers and critics. Gain awareness about why we photograph and how the process can enrich our lives through the experiences of artists, writers and others who live in and around the visual arts. In Photography: Documentary, students will learn technical aspects of photography and complete their first documentary project. Learn from Todd’s experience and be inspired by his passion! Register on our website.



Our veteran instructor Brian Loflin is a highly regarded commercial, advertising and biological photographer.  We are excited to have him teaching his courses with us at Informal Classes.  His upcoming course Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics will teach you how to take your photography to exciting new levels. Improve your photography skills and learn to create images of a quality that previously seemed elusive with Brian’s expert guidance.  Previous student Laura Elliot told us that this class was “very informative, well worth it! This was a great class and I learned a lot that will really help me in the future. Mr. Loflin is a great teacher and explains things very well!”  Another student, Tom Nicholson, said that Brian “made complicated subjects attainable.”  The next course starts on January 27, but it has sold out!  Don’t miss the chance to take his March class, which starts on 3/18.  Register on our website!