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Our Beginning Harmonica instructor, Michael Rubin, has been playing for almost thirty years and has taught harmonica for over 20 of those years.  He has also performed on Broadway, national television and with many local luminaries, including Cyril Neville and Ruthie Foster. His next course starts on January 29. Michael says that one of the things he most looks forward to in his classes is “sharing my excitement about the harmonica and music in general. I love watching that excitement spread.” One of his students have told us that his class is “very fun! I loved his enthusiasm and liked that he shared his history of music and encouraged student participation.” Another wrote, “Awesome class-wish it was longer!  Mr. Rubin is a great teacher with tons of enthusiasm and energy.” Visit our course page for Beginning Harmonica to register today!


Michael Rubin’s next harmonica class starts July 17.  One of our students in his April class wrote, “Michael Rubin’s obviously very passionate and knowledgeable.  I now have the tools to continue progressing on my own!  Thank you!” 

Another student said, This was an informative, participatory intro to harmonica.  Great way to start to play.  Great intro to harmonica and its application in music theory.”

"Michael was a great teacher," wrote a third.  "Inspired a love of music and the instrument."

"Michael really knew his material and gave us tools to continue on our own," wrote a classmate.  She said that the class "exceeded expectations."  My first thought was that she was a Harry Potter fan.  :-)  But it’s fantastic to get such great feedback on the course!

Check out Michael on YouTube and don’t miss his next class!


Our Beginning Harmonica class ended last week!  Here are some of the comments from the students:

Mark Hazelton wrote, “Michael’s enthusiasm is contagious.  He’s a wonderful teacher who obviously cares about his students and their progress.”

Another student wrote that the class was “fun, a good introduction to the instrument.”

"I learned a lot more than I expected!" enthused a third student.  "This was a great opportunity to learn something I have always wanted to learn about in a short period of time.  AND FUN!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  I loved the idea that everyone can be a musician regardless of experience or innate abilities.  Michael is a wonderful teacher who really shows passion for his students and their interest in music."

Be sure to check out Michael’s next class:

We had four classes end last night!  We’ve been busy.  :-)  Here’s what our students had to say:

Nature Photography with Brian Loflin:

I hate to see the class end - another class or field trip or workshop would be great!

This is the third of Brian’s classes that I’ve taken.  I have learned and improved skills with each course.

Beginning Genealogy with Elisse Newey:

Would love to have an intermediate class, followed by an advanced class.  Really enjoyed these classes and Elisse’s knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm.

Beginning Harmonica with Michael Rubin:

The class was fun and encouraging.

Instructor was great and very knowledgeable.

Women’s Belly Dance with Jeannette Cunningham:

Jeannette is a very good belly dancer.  She helped me learn and advised if some of the steps were not done correctly.  Very enthusiastic praise with good knowledge and skills in belly dancing.