Regina Anaejionu has been working with us for about a year, offering her classes that focus on helping small business owners make their businesses rock.  Her website class, which she teaches with her business partner  just ended last night.  Here are some of the comments about her and her class:

"The instructors were very personable and knowledgeable," wrote student Joan Ivy.  "Great class!"

One student, in response to the question “how was the class overall?” wrote, “GREAT!  Learned a lot and saved a lot of time.”

Rose wrote, “These gals were enthusiastic and dynamic!”

"This was a crucial step in my business and brand development.  Thanks.  I’m heading for the next step!"

Thanks to Regina for bringing her knowledge to Informal Classes!  If you’re interested in Regina’s classes, you can see what she has coming up at her instructor page.

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