It is so amazing to read the reviews for Martha Randall’s classes!  One of her Spanish I classes just ended - wanted to share some comments.

Our student Anne Livingston wrote: “Martha’s clase is fantastico!  I learned more Spanish in Martha’s class than I have in any other Spanish class I’ve ever taken.  She is energetic and an excellent teacher.”

Another student wrote, “Martha is an excellent teacher - the best language teacher I’ve ever had!”

"I always looked forward to class.  Martha is very energetic and makes learning Spanish fun.  I learned so much in such a short time.  Martha is a talented and excellent instructor!”

To Martha, one student wrote: “You’re awesome.  Magnifico!”

"Martha was excellent!  She made the class interesting.  I wanted to learn more!  We laughed so hard, I wanted to come back and take Spanish Two."

In fact, Barb, who is our front office admin, said this morning that she had four people walk in to sign up for Spanish II, having just completed Martha’s Spanish I!  Only one spot left now -