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Four Decades that Changed Rock and Roll

Trace the evolution and growth of Austin’s music scene from its relatively insignificant beginnings to the verge of its emergence as a major international center, as both traditional and popular music forms gave rise to unique and innovative music that could only have happened in Austin. Examine the places the music was played, the people who made it and Austin’s often contentious relationship with Nashville, Los Angeles and New York. Each class will also include visits from “witnesses,” people who were there and involved in each era of Austin music, who will provide first-person insights into the changes. There will also be rare recordings of local music and contemporary photographs and documents as visuals. This class starts October 15 - don’t miss it!  Register here.


Examine the history and future of the ecological city and the technological and social forces that continue to shape it in this thought-provoking class. Instructor Robert Young works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin in the fields of urban planning, sustainable economic development and urban ecology. His research centers on the planning, governance and financing of metropolitan green infrastructure and on economic development initiatives for sustainable cities and regions. Trace the history of environmental city development, including mass transit, solar design and more, and explore how these and other approaches are still being developed to create an ecologically sound society. This course starts on October 14 - register online.


Improve your cursive and learn the etiquette of letter-writing, starting October 14. Register online.


Antoinette Griffin is a certified coach, teacher, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team, helping people discover their strengths and reach their highest potential.  A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Antoinette, used to be extremely shy, which gives her a great understanding of where her students are emotionally when they attend her class, Getting Past Shy. Antoinette’s professional background includes sales, customer service, marketing, speaking, training and more. Read on for more information about Antoinette and her upcoming class.

Informal Classes: What can students expect out of your class?
Antoinette Griffin: Participants will learn tools and actions to get past their shyness in social and business situations.  We’ll discuss and practice eye contact, initiating conversation, small talk, networking, and even how to gracefully end a conversation.

IC: What are you most excited about sharing with your students?
AG: Shyness is a choice.  Although it can seem like a prison, there are specific actions you can take that will help you get past your shyness.  These actions don’t change your personality, they just help you feel less awkward and more confident.

IC: What do you as the instructor learn from working with your students?
AG: I learn that often people from other cultures have questions about what is socially acceptable in the U.S., and what actions one can take to advance in the area of feeling socially confident.

Antoinette’s class starts October 14. Register here on our website.

Our next Kickboxing class starts October 14. Register here!

Don’t miss our new class this fall all about mysterious phenomena in southeastern Texas! Class starts on October 13. Register on our website.

Don’t miss our new class this fall all about mysterious phenomena in southeastern Texas! Class starts on October 13. Register on our website.


Make a commitment to finish your novel this fall! Join other like-minded writers in our Writer’s Workshop - Intensive, meeting for ten Sundays this fall to discuss and critique each others’ writings. Don’t miss your chance to enroll before the class fills. Register online.


Are you aching to tell a great story? Take your first steps to becoming an indie filmmaker in our class So, You Wanna Produce a Film or Documentary? Get tips on everything from writing your script to shooting it with your iPhone to interviewing techniques. This class, from Fran Harris, takes place on October 6 - register on the course page!


Donna Woodwell is a new instructor with us this fall, teaching a class on astrology and another later this fall on tarot. This post is taken from her blog, Four Moons Astrology:


The latest research in positive psychology is finally catching up with what astrology has known for thousands of years — the keys to living a happy and meaningful life. This is astrology beyond the 12 Sign variety you’re familiar with, the ancients found cosmic inspiration for life in the whole sky.

Here are five ways they used astrology to live life more fully, and how you can too.

know thyselfKnow Thyself

Ancient wisdom teaches that the moment of your birth is imprinted with your soul’s code. It is a map of your character strengths and talents that you need to express to live a happy and fulfilled life. An astrology chart is the ancient’s version of positive psychology used to help you find and follow your own bliss.

MeditationCultivate Serenity

Sometimes difficulty feels never ending. Astrology can validate your experience, as well as tell you when there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The ancient Stoics used astrology as a Serenity prayer — to accept the things you can’t change, courage to change what you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

storytellingTell Your Story

Astrology is a tool for narrating your own story. Archetypal characters and plots move through our lives at different times. Understanding this “language of the soul” can help you find the words to tell your own story in a profoundly meaningful way. This personal storytelling is a key factor in living a deeply fulfilling life.

flowExperience Flow

Nature is made of cycles of growth and release. Astrology illuminates these cycles at all levels of your life. Working in harmony with these natural rhythms, you can choose the best times for action or inaction to achieve greater success in all your endeavors. Astrology helps you experience this cosmic Flow.

make lemonadeMake Lemonade

Built into astrology are ancient practices for turning even difficult times to your advantage. By harnessing the power of these time-tested rituals, as well as your active imagination, you too can make lemonade out of the lemons of life. Astrology inspires creative, out-of-this-world thinking.


Donna’s Informal Classes course, Astrology for Beginners, starts on October 15. Register online!


Use your digital camera in manual mode with confidence and learn to take great pictures when you take our class Digital Photography for Beginners. You’ll be taking pictures in class to try out the suggestions given to you by instructor Carlos Austin, so you’ll get hands-on experience taking photographs with your instructor right there to answer your questions.

Former student Rickey Hall told us, “Carlos is very good about going to around to each student to make sure they understand the material he was covering.”

Another student, Wally Brooks wrote, “Carlos is inspirational when guiding students to create great images!”

Come find out for yourself why Carlos’s student rave about him! The next session of his class starts on October 6.