We provide fun, educational, and dynamic informal classes including photography, dancing, art, fitness and more! Try a variety of classes with us without an intimidating time commitment.


Instructor Eileen “Ike” West, MA, has taught grant writing workshops for both non-profit organizations and state agencies over the years, and has been teaching through Informal Classes for over 20 years.  Her upcoming session, which will take place on September 13, is guaranteed to be as chock-full of information as usual.  Her former student Nina Morris wrote, “Ike is a delightful and engaging speaker with excellent technical and anecdotal info.  The class was on task, interesting, and gave us a clear vision of the topc and what to expect.”  If grant writing is in your future at your organization, take advantage of Ike’s expertise and sign up for Grant Writing I.



Jennifer Finegold is an expert on 5 element acupuncture and is also a certified hypnotherapist. She is offering two classes with us this fall, including Explore Five Element Acupuncture and Healing, Health and Happiness with Hypnotherapy. Read on for our interview with Jennifer, one of our twenty new instructors this fall.

Informal Classes: What can students expect out of Explore Five Element Acupuncture?
Jennifer Finegold: Students can expect to learn the foundation of acupuncture and how it works, the history of five element acupuncture and how the elements interplay in our thoughts, actions, and emotions. In this understanding you can have a deeper self awareness, which can help you experience more balance and well-being.

IC: What are you most excited about sharing with your students?
JF: How each of the elements are active in our selves, our relationships and the world around us! Your perspective on life and the environment will be forever changed.

IC: Can you tell us about your background in the field?
JF: I earned a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and completed a 3-year apprenticeship program in 5 element acupuncture. I currently have a private practice in Austin, TX. I have personally transformed in experiencing this medicine for health and healing and want to share it with others.

IC: What do you as the instructor learn from working with your students?
JF: I continue to learn more and more about the elements and how they  manifest for different people and different situations.

Register for Jennifer’s classes on our website.

Discover the beauty of pastels in our upcoming class, great for beginners. Pastels can be used as paints or for drawing - explore using the media both ways and dive into landscapes, still life painting and abstracts. Class starts 9/10! Register online.



Our next session of Oil Portraiture Fundamentals is now open for enrollment! Learn to use oil paints and complete a likeness in each session of the class. Work on capturing realistic skin tones and play with light and shadow while learning about this media. Click through to the website to register.


Looking for a job is a hard work. You have to stay ahead of the curve! Knowing how to find the right job for you, keeping your resume current and brushing up your interview skills are three incredibly important factors in landing the job you need. We have lots of classes aimed at getting you hired:

Etiquette for Business and Social Occasions - November 15-22
Find Your Passion, Find Your Perfect Work
- September 11 or November 13
Finding the Leader in You: Developing Your Presence and Voice - December 2-9
Get Hired Tips for Job Seekers - September 9
Interview with Confidence: Interview Skills Prep for Women - November 6
Job Interview Secrets - October 20
LinkedIn for Job Seekers - December 4-11
New Resume, New Career - October 9

Click through for more information on each class, and keep your job search focused!


Get all the info you need to safely hike in Texas, including tips on what to pack and how to dress, plus specific information about areas around us. Plus, delve into the mysteries of the nature that you’ll see on your hike so that you can appreciate the wildlife and plants that you’ll see, discovering the secrets held within the ecosystem you’ll experience. Perfect for beginning hikers who want to get started on the right track! Register on our website - class starts on September 8th.

Watch this fantastic video showing Capoeira Yoga Fusion and get pumped about our upcoming class!

Register for the class taught by Da’Mon Stith on our website. Capoeira Yoga Fusion joins the stabilizing postures of Yoga with the dynamic, flowing movements of Capoeira. Tone and strengthen your core while improving your overall flexibility, balance and coordination. Class starts September 8th!


Instructor Brian Loflin teaches a variety of photography courses each semester at Informal Classes.

In my field we are now on the cusp of remarkable technological advances in photography, both in image capture and post processing in the computer. My goal is to get my students to learn that technology alone does not make great pictures. Cameras and computers are only tools in a larger arsenal. The main component is the gray matter between our ears. In order to make inspiring images I try to encourage students of all ages to step away from the “auto-everything” mode of technology and develop their acumen to control the camera in order to capture their vision.

Students in his upcoming class, Photography: Using Flash, will learn how to leverage the proper use of flash to improve the color, quality and impact of their images. Learn more about using your DSLR in manual mode in any of Brian’s classes - see the full list here. Using Flash starts September 13th. Register here!


Register on our website! And if you’ve already taken Beginning Sewing, sign up for Intermediate!

Whip yourself into shape in our next kickboxing class! Register online - class starts September 8!