We provide fun, educational, and dynamic informal classes including photography, dancing, art, fitness and more! Try a variety of classes with us without an intimidating time commitment.


You may have missed the chance to register for our fall Word for Word Lecture Series, but we still have many lectures coming up that you can register for individually! Upcoming topics include:

Tort Reform: The Corporate Campaign to Take Away Your Constitutional Rights

A Brief Histroy of the FDA and the Regulation of Medical Devices

Nanotechnology: Science or Fiction?

Don’t miss these thought-provoking lectures. Find more information on our website. See you in class!


We have a new yoga course being offered this fall. Kari Wilson’s Yoga Core is a natural extension of the Yoga for Beginners course. This class will teach you how to access your deepest abdominal muscles and engage them in common yoga poses. The focus will be on both strengthening and stretching this powerhouse of the body. 

This class is suitable for all levels, even beginners with no yoga experience.  Modifications will be given so poses can be performed at any level. Class begins on November 3rd - register here.

Are you thinking of traveling to England? Find out where to go (besides London!), how to get there, and what to pack in this great class, led by seasoned traveler and Anglophile Joy Own. Class takes place on November 1 - sign up now on our website!

Do you love to be outdoors and commune with our natural environment? Would you enjoy the ability to make striking photographs of these memories for the future? Our class on nature photography covers the skills and techniques required to enable you to capture photographic images of natural subjects in the world around us. Learn to make excellent images of living plants and flowers, animals and landscapes in this intermediate-level class. Class starts October 27 - register online.

Bastrop’s Pecan Street Walking Tour
October 26

Take a walk through the history of Bastrop! Bastrop is one of Texas’ oldest cities. Learn about its early movers and shakers and view the style changes in architecture while traversing Pecan Street. Register on our website!

Discover the beauty and versatility of pastels in this beginning class. Learn to both draw and paint with colors ranging from soft and pale to brilliant and intense. You will love this media, favored by Degas, Monet and Toulouse before you! The fun starts October 22.  Register online!


Register at this link!


Donna Woodwell is a change catalyst who helps her clients find creative strategies for achieving their full potential through a blend of astrology, business acumen and metaphysical training. She hosts a weekly call-in radio show Donna Philosophica, writes for, and leads workshops and discussion groups at SoulCamp World. We are excited to have her teaching Astrology for Beginners and Tarot for Beginners this fall. Learn a little more about Donna and her astrology class in our highlight below, and be sure to sign up for her classes on our website.

Informal Classes: What can students expect out of your class?
Donna Woodwell:
In essence, astrology is the closest thing we have to having our life’s “instruction manual.” It’s an ancient art that helps you to understand your life’s purpose, and to identify the best times to actualize your full potential. In our Astrology for Beginners workshop, you’ll learn what an astrology chart is, how to understand it, and how you can begin to use its perspective to lead a fulfilling life.

IC: What are you most excited about sharing with your students?
I love teaching. I love stars. And I love sharing with students the amazing vision that we live in a universe infused with meaning and purpose. Not the shallow kind of “there must be a reason” purpose, but a deeper awareness of how to stay aligned with you divine spark within, even in the most difficult times.

IC: Can you tell us a little bit about your background in your field?
Some of my friends call me the “brainy astrologer.” I have a couple of master’s degrees, from UT, where I went to school to be a foreign correspondent (I didn’t realize how foreign I was going to get). I write for the largest astrology website in the world, and teach at the oldest online school of astrology. I’ve also sat on the national boards of two major astrology associations.  I suppose I can officially call myself an “expert,” but it still feels odd in a field where there’s always something more to learn.

IC: What do you as the instructor learn from working with your students?
Every person has an absolutely unique experience of the world. That’s the true lesson of astrology. I learn from each person I meet, both about how astrology expresses itself, and how we all learn ways to flourish. Come to class, and you’ll see exactly what I mean for yourself.

Astrology for Beginners starts on October 15. Register online!

Introduction to Tai Chistarts Tuesday, October 21
Why of Tai Chi? There are so many benefits!
Build strength
Improve health & flexibility
Reduce stress
Increase energy flow
Relax your mind
Register for our next session - only two spaces left!

Introduction to Tai Chi
starts Tuesday, October 21

Why of Tai Chi? There are so many benefits!

  • Build strength
  • Improve health & flexibility
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy flow
  • Relax your mind

Register for our next session - only two spaces left!

Our next session of Exploring Animals Through Art will be starting on October 20. This is a great class for animal lovers who want to expand their art skills! Newbies are welcome, but some experience is helpful. Explore animals using watercolor, charcoal, pencil, oil pastels and acrylic paint, plus learn some art history and, most importantly, have fun! Register on our website.